Badly Drawn Boy, cançons gairebé perfectes

Dimarts, 12 de Gener de 2021

Damon Michael Gough, l'home que s'amaga sota el nom artístic de Badly Drawn Boy, és d'aquells músics que es prenen la vida amb molta calma. Feia 11 anys que no li sentíem noves cançons; per tant, celebrem la publicació de "Banana skin shoes" 01 Caribou - "Like I loved you" 02 Aiala - "Fighting and learning" 03 Aiala - "Face to face (Silence)" 04 Renaldo & Clara - "L'amor fa calor" 05 Lavanda - "Tant s'incrementa" 06 Morrissey - "Jim Jim falls" 07 Badly Drawn Boy - "I just wanna wish you happiness" 08 Badly Drawn Boy - "I'm not sure what it is" 09 Badly Drawn Boy - "Funny time of year" 10 Kevin Morby - "Brother, sister" 11 Muzz - "Everything like it used to be" 12 Bright Eyes - "Tilt-a-whirl" 13 Drive-By Truckers - "Rosemary with a bible and a gun" 14 Fleet Foxes - "Maestranza"