Sonic reducer 242 (22/05/2021)

Diumenge, 23 de Maig de 2021

Podcast del programa de Rock and Roll SONIC REDUCER 242, emès originalment a Ràdio Cardedeu el 22 de maig de 2021. Inclou: -DEE RANGERS – No Need to Worry -CHEAP GUNSLINGERS - Off the Rails -MEAN MOTHER – The Hustler -SUICIDE BOMBERS - Suicide Idol -DIE HUNNS - Time Has Come Today -THE BOOZE BROTHERS - Take a Ride -THE PLEASURE FUCKERS - Hard Morrow Comin' -SUPERCOBRA - More Yeah Yeahs -BLACKBERRY SMOKE - Train Rollin -THE BLUE CARPET BAND - Back in the Trash -SWINGIN’ THING – No Fear -THE GUILLOTINES - She's All Alcohol -VINCE NEIL – No Feelings -SKINTIGHT JAGUARS - Denin Demon -POWDER MONKEYS - Beast With Two Backs -STONE MACHINE - Rock'n'Roll Star -PSYCHOPUNCH - So Jaded -THE COMPULSIONS - Hellbound Babies -DIALECTICS - Grey Words -SULO - Finest Words